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What is Wine Country Wizard?

Think simple, easy to digest information for your wine world.

Whether visiting a wine country tasting room, your local wine retailer or favorite restaurant, Wine Country Wizard provides simple, easy to digest information for our Wine Wizard members.


The four basic principles Wine Country Wizard subscribes to:

What is a Wine Country Wizard?

You’ve been called “œnovices”€, “€œfledglings”€, “œnewbies”€. We call you Wine Wizards.  Wine Wizards are not aficionados. However, novice wine drinkers make up the largest consumer category within the wine industry. We champion our Wine Wizards and equip them with simple, easy to digest information so they can navigate their way through the mysteries of wine lore.


    “Jimbo the Wino” educational and
    protocol videos provide plain
    talk information for the novice
    wine drinker that is used during
    an initial or continuing visit to
    any wine country tasting room,
    wine retailer, event tasting or
    when ordering at a restaurant.
    Basic wine knowledge including
    wine varietals, styles of glasses,
    food pairings, wine tastings, etc.

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    Here lies the true spirit of
    Wine Country Wizard as user’s,
    both novice and experienced,
    can record their wine adventures.
    Members will be able to notate
    what they have purchased, tasted
    and consumed along with how
    they rate their choices in their
    personal “Library”. Member’s
    can also build and interact with
    their own Virtual Cellar.

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    Wine Country Wizard offers
    and is available for wine tasting
    events to businesses and member
    groups throughout the US. There
    will be two types of tasting events
    hosted by “Jimbo the Wino”. The
    first will for be for Wine Wizard
    member groups. The second will
    be corporate/business event

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